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Common Law - A type of legal system, often synonymous with "English common law," which is the system of England and Wales in the UK, and is also in force in approximately 80 countries formerly part of or influenced by the former British Empire.English common law reflects Biblical influences as well as remnants of law systems imposed by early conquerors including the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Normans.Some legal scholars attribute the formation of the English common law system to King Henry II (r.1154-1189).Until the time of his reign, laws customary among England's various manorial and ecclesiastical (church) jurisdictions were administered locally.These challenges are international in scope and are priorities for the Central Intelligence Agency.If you have information about these or other national security challenges, please provide it through our secure online form.This entry provides the description of a country's legal system.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ), established in 1952 by the Treaty of Paris, has been largely responsible for the development of EU law.Common attributes of customary legal systems are that they are seldom written down, they embody an organized set of rules regulating social relations, and they are agreed upon by members of the community.Although such law systems include sanctions for law infractions, resolution tends to be reconciliatory rather than punitive.The information you provide will be protected and confidential.The CIA is particularly interested in information about imminent or planned terrorist attacks.

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