Diane lane and matt dillon dating Naugty thailand

Yet, this emerging self-awareness hasn’t depleted any of his youthful appeal. WARHOL: Well, in your contract you should say, “No more junk food.”DILLON: The film I worked on with Francis (Coppola), , was incredible. It’s not one continuous flow like in a play or something. DILLON: Those are the kinds of roles you can really sink your teeth into. When you’re playing someone who’s sort of seedy, there’s less limitation, there’s so much space you can travel. MOYNIHAN: Why is it harder to play the straight man? MOYNIHAN: I think it’s easier to create someone crazy.

I went to Europe this summer: Germany, England and Paris.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Dillon isn’t working or has lost his fan base; with five films due out this year, clearly the actor is doing something right.

We’re looking forward to Matt channeling his comedic side alongside Kristen Wiig and Natasha Lyonne in his newest film, In celebration of its release this Friday, we decided to take a look back at Dillon 30 years ago, at the beginning of his acting career. MOYNIHAN: Do you want to stay away from romantic leads? I just don’t want to do it in a conventional manner.

MOYNIHAN: When you fall in love do you fall really hard? It has nothing to do with getting bored with the person, it has something more to do with my priorities. MOYNIHAN: I recently read that you are interested in writing.

For some reason I do, but I have a hard time keeping it going. DILLON: Well, not my passion necessarily, not my interest, but commitment. DILLON: Sure, I’ve had my heart smashed, stepped on, crunched, everybody has. DILLON: As far as responsibility goes, I feel responsible for turning in the best performance I can and entertaining them. I have a hard time sitting down and actually doing it.

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