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Fossils that are the most useful for correlation tend to be widespread, found in many rock types, easily recognizable, and short-lived enough to permit precise placement in the geologic column.Visit the Paleontology is actually one of the few fields of science left in which amateurs can and frequently do make important contributions.

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The life around us today has been shaped through its long history, and understanding its past is important to understanding its present situation.Paleontologists deal with two types of dating, absolute and relative.Absolute dating, which estimates the age of a rock or fossil in years, is most usually done by measuring the amounts of a radioactive isotope and its decay product; since isotope decay rates are known to be constant, the age can be calculated from the relative amounts of parent isotope to daughter product.This technique does not depend on knowing the actual numerical ages of the rocks.Not all fossils are equally useful for relative dating, or correlation; some are rare, restricted to small geographic areas or to particular environments, difficult to recognize, or have such long ranges as to make precise correlation impossible.

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