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Guru Gobind Singh freed Sikhs from the rigid caste system by ordering all Sikh males adopt the surname “Singh,” meaning a lion, and women use the surname “Kaur” meaning princess, thus shedding their caste identity.

Each year, Sikhs worldwide commemorate and celebrate the historic events of Vaisakhi 1699 as a milestone in Sikh history when Guru Gobind Singh decreed the formation of the Khalsa and fashioned the nation of Sikhs.

Sikh women adhere to the same life style, symbols, rules and conduct, but relatively few choose to wear turbans.

The Guru initiated these five in the new order of the For the past 300 years, male Sikhs have been easily recognized by their long unshorn hair covered with a turban.

The almost 25 million Sikhs worldwide constitute the fifth largest religion in the world.

Despite almost a million Sikhs living in North America (USA and Canada), Sikhs are often confused as Arabs or Muslims.

This is in spite of the fact that Sikhs form less than two percent of India’s population In 1699, the tenth and last living Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, summoned his followers to the town of Anandpur in Punjab; over 80,000 came.

According to history, Guru Gobind Singh appeared before his people, flashed a naked sword, and demanded a head. These five individuals came from different parts of India and from different castes.

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