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We look forward to welcoming you in with open hearts.Come visit us and bring a treasure home, an heirloom to pass down and enjoy for generations to come.A Crystal Shepherd, Ele is a natural treasure hunter of the earth.She follows her inner guidance when choosing crystals and is always grateful to unite the crystals with their human companions. She wants them to have a positive and uplifting experience and leave with a true understanding of the crystals they buy.

One lady at a restaurant in New York literally grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eye and said, “You must do this.

The store is filled with stunning jewelry, fascinating and unusual crystals, all of which are completely unique.

The jewelry collection at the shop is far more extensive than what you see here on the site. It’s a workshop of inspiration where there’s always something new to discover.

” The Jewelry: Ele focuses on the healing and supportive aspects of each gem.

After many years of working with crystals and gems, she is attuned to the stones. With a deep understanding of the intimacy of jewelry, her intention is twofold: to make each piece beautiful, bearing in mind the healing properties of the stone.

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