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There will be a Girls Basketball Camp in Armour on Thursday, June 14th. TD girls in this age range will meet at the Tripp school at to head to Armour.

Nighthawks in grades 8th-12th will have camp starting at and will go until noon.

Her group accused the school of misleading the people by stating that Sterling and Jones High School would both receive new school campuses.

A 2011 report from Magnet Schools of America had recommended closing the Sterling aviation magnet, saying there was a lack of interest.

Mitchell stated that "For a large number of people this is their college experience" citing that large number of Sterling students, dating to the 1960s, never went to colleges or universities after graduation.

Circa 2016 Sterling was known as a school with a majority African-American student body, and several Hispanic parents expressed reservations against sending their children to the school due to these demographics.

At Sterling and Barbara Jordan High School for Careers, the percentages of Fs remained the same.

Students may then take the FAA written examination.

Ross Shaw Sterling High School, also known as Sterling Aviation High School, is a secondary school located in Houston, Texas. Sterling has Houston ISD's magnet program for Aviation Sciences.

Sterling, which serves grades 9 through 12, is a part of the Houston Independent School District. This unique, three-building campus featured designed-in air-conditioning which was a new, yet essential, feature for HISD facilities.

In response, several graduates of the program told HISD that the program was beneficial.

As of 2013, the school had 900 students, and 1,100 HISD students living in the school's attendance zone opted not to attend Sterling.

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