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Use any account which is part of your Azure Active Directory user info and grant access, once completed you will get the access token window showing the returned access token with all other info. After closing the screen, click on “preview request” which adds the Authorization Headers to the request.The issues I encountered when trying to create new access token: AADSTS70002: The request body must contain the following parameter: ‘client_secret or client_assertion’.This error was the most mysterious one and was difficult to find the root cause of it, because, postman does not give any specific parameter to supply resource and I was supplying Auth. The resolution was to provide resource parameter as part of Auth. invalid_resource If resource parameter value supplied as part of Auth.URL is not same as expected, then this error is returned.Finally, we’ll need to have the right key material to verify the JWS signatures or HMAC.import *; import com.*; import com.*; import com.nimbusds.oauth2id.*; import com.nimbusds.openid.validators.*; // The required parameters Issuer iss = new Issuer(""); Client ID client ID = new Client ID("123"); JWSAlgorithm jws Alg = JWSAlgorithm.

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Open ID Providers may rotate keys (Google does it once per day), which will be detected by the validator, so you don’t have to worry about this.

Make sure, you provide a client_secret before requesting for access token AADSTS70002: Error validating credentials. This error comes when supplied client_secret is not same as configured on portal, or client_secret is not configured.

Make sure you supply a valid client_secret AADSTS50001: Resource identifier is not provided.

These are protected with a digital signature, or message authentication code (MAC), to ensure the token’s integrity and authenticity.

ID tokens carry the following claims: for the app with the Open ID Provider.

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