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The trade deficit (4.6% of GDP in 2016) is broadly offset by the services surplus, especially in the information technology, tourism, technology, and freight forwarding sectors (8.2% of GDP).

Dividend repatriation by Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch investors – who are strongly present in the retail, real estate, and finance sectors, as well as in industry – is slightly above the returns on Estonian investments abroad.

Remittances from expatriate workers equal those of foreign workers in Estonia.

European structural funds intended for investment represent an annual average of 3% of GDP.

With the return of European funding in 2017, public infrastructure investment is set to continue to grow, along with private investment in equipment, due to the high production capacity utilisation rate in response to firm external demand, which absorbs 70% of industrial output.

In addition, businesses are enjoying tax exemption on reinvested profits.

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Start here I agree that Work in Estonia will use the information I provide on this form to provide me with relevant job offers and news about working in and relocating to Estonia.Several templates and the re Fill tool are available to assist in formatting.(re Fill documentation), is a sovereign state in Northern Europe.The country enjoys relative energy independence thanks to the exploitation of oil shale, of which the country is the world’s leading producer, and which covers a large part of Estonia’s electricity needs.In addition, although Russian gas meets only 10% of the country’s energy needs, the country is connected with the Lithuanian gas terminal at Klaipeda, which covers almost 30% of its gas consumption.

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