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Could be he s a gooner himself, or could be he was just hanging out with a fellow rock legend (ahem) and acting colleague.People often ask gina how she manages to put up with all the criticism.

I know that penelope leach and miriam stoppard say i damage babies. I ve never even mentioned all the celebrities i ve worked for, which is something i would have done if i d wanted publicity.We know who the members are and they don t hide behind silly nicknames and just trash anyone.So, inge tesdal posted a question about it in an online cure forum in dec 2002, and got the following revealing replies.Lennox lewis was in above list after we were told he was an east stand regular, actually he s a lifeling irons fan, see this page from the guardian.It seems we re going to have every player on the chelsea team, their name will end with o or i so it is going to be great.

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