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Follow these four steps to conquer shame: Repetition builds habit.Every time you feel ashamed, you have to be conscious of how you react to that emotion.On Monday, I sat in the audience of a packed auditorium listening to the brilliant words of Dr. For those who don’t know her, she’s a social researcher who became widely known from her famous TED talk on vulnerability, shame, and building real confidence.In this article, I want to examine her findings on shame and apply it to the struggles men face in their dating lives.

Everyone has experienced them in some way or another.During the talk, Brene hit an interesting point on the difference between shame and guilt.Her research has shown that shame is one of the most powerful, destructive emotions that everyone experiences (unless you lack empathy). When you filter your mistakes through guilt, you internalize that you simply made a wrong choice.They may experience the initial rush of falling in love many times but rarely get past the initial phases to develop a strong and lasting relationship.If you give your heart to everyone you meet the chances are that you will get it broken almost as many times as you give it away.

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