Firemen dating sites

At least one wedding has resulted from the site so far, and rumor has it there could have been a second, Russell said.Russell and Tarantino redesigned in August to have more photo galleries and ways to send gifts to potential partners.“Don’t drop your guard because they say they are a fireman.” follows national trends of online dating that show people putting more personal information on the Internet, said Cater Rakovski, a social interaction professor at Cal State Fullerton.Trends also show that online dating is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with more personality styles and physical traits revealed online, she said.The revised Web pages also offer virtual first dates where couples can meet in chat rooms decorated as a French bistro, beach or mountain setting. Russell said the site requires authentication of employment to help weed out frauds.

Profiles have bios, a questionnaire of likes and dislikes, and photos of the “hero” in action, fighting fires or crime. c=53719538&u=4680954773 Display Vote54773(); The profile photo of Irescueyou, 40, from Ventura shows him fighting a forest blaze in full firefighter gear. I am a single fireman looking for his flame,” his bio says.Wave Rider, 32, from Santa Cruz, a firefighter for about 10 years, uses 911 as the password to his photo gallery.Russell, 39, who lives in Costa Mesa with his wife and daughter, has been off the dating market for nine years.What has been surprising to Russell about the site?He has found that quite a few prospective partners downplay their qualities online.

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