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It's a great language, and is kind of fun to speak if you are any good at rolling r's.I personally recommend you approach any cute Russian girl with a bit of caution. Russian men tend to be arrogant and drink heavily, and Russian women are conditioned to respond to that. As I said, I don't know enough particulars of the OP's situation to comment. I met a couple of South American women in our singles groups that were "Seperated" from their husbands.As far as attracting a Russian woman, your American accented English (again assuming U.S.) is plenty attractive, as is your financial security. As I said, I don't know enough particulars of the OP's situation to comment. She wants to meet an American and ACT like she likes him. Then , she wants to divorce him and keep her green card (she slept with you for 3 years), maybe be a single mother away from her friends, family,culture, and everyone she has ever known to simply live in America and bust ass to make it with her broken English, possibly being a single mother to boot. If you meet a cool Russian girl just treat her like a person, learn from her, express an interest in her culture, and get to know her.

If you want to see what currently is going on, the Russian Women's List is a good source.My friends traveled freely to many European countries and some stayed and married European men.It's the allure of the forbidden/disallowed that was attractive.It's been around since back when I was going back and forth in the 90's.You see things from a European perspective perhaps, which is much different.

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