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Tarquin fte Pr CNML Page 123— 134 toenov II.— Tbb Roman Rbpitblic rso M thb Abolitior or royalty, 510 B. Sobieski died in 1696) in the midst of the nun tlmt waa fist overwhelming bis country throagh the disaen Bi OBS and i^amora of a turbulent nobility, and just in time to save his withered kis^ from being torn from bis brow by the rude hand of rebe Ukm. Hia firat e«r tions were directed to the remodelling and disciplining of the armj, and the improvement of his resources ; and from the model of a small yacht on the river which rons through Moscow, he eonstfoeted tha first Russian navy. Bat Sobiaeki reaaired little thanks from a jealoos monarch for reacaing him and hia ooantrj from irretrievable rain ; and Poland — onhappj Poland 1 had aaved a serpent from death, which afterward torned and atang her for the kindness. Full of energy and activity, he found notlnng too arduous to be attempted, and he oommeneed at once the vast project of changing the whole syfltem of the gere Rfc- ment, and of reforming the manners of the people.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Alexander the' Great— his contiuests, and death.— III. An insidious licentiousness, under the garb of gallantry, had been introduced by the Spaniards, while the spirit of the people, kindled into frensy by Castilian fancies about knightly honor, but no longer ennobled by personal courage, or manly self-respect, made Italy, for many generations, in&mous as the scene of poisonings and assassinations.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Second Sacred War Pago 73— Wl Sacnoii II.— From tbr Es TASLisii MRf A or Philip oh thk Throhr op Mackdon, to thb BSDDcno N or Grbbcb to a Rohak Provinck : 38) to 146 B. Achosan League, and conquest of Greece by the Romans Page 02-111. Risings and revolutions of the people were frequent ; during nearly the whole period of the seventeenth century the coasts were continually infested by Turkish and Algerine corsairs; the fields were ravaged ; houses, villages, and whole towns were burned ; and thousands were carried away into slavery ; while, in the interior, robbers were scarcely less destructive, large troops of whom plun- dered, or exacted ransoms, and more than once resisted successfully battalions of regular soldiers.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Co TBXro BABT Hu TORT.r— L Hlstory of the Jews.— II. Such is the mournful picture pre- sented by Italy, the land of Roman greatness and renown, durinf the seventeenth century. The principal events, to whidi we have not already al- luded, that mark the history of the Spanish penin- ^ Bula during the seventeenth century, are the expulsion sp AMna of the Moors, the revolt of Portugal, and the ac- "»»»«''^ knowledgment of the independence of Holland.

a, TO THE OOMQCnt SIB or «IUBBCE AN1br thb Kiros : bndiro 510 B. The flower of the people, draughted by thousands into the Spanish armies, perished in the wars of France, Germany, and the Netherlands.' 1 1.

WCa U* HBf OBT, VBOM THB FOUNDIlf G OF BOMB, 763 B. the Spanish gov- emors of the provinces looked upon the conquered countries as es- tates calculated to fill their own and the royal coffers ; and not only was the nation drained of its treasure, but of its blood also.

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