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(The team has one, and the Hampton Five—Green, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Kevin Durant, the five guys that were in the Hamptons in the summer of 2016 to recruit KD—has another.) He wants to relay something that Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey had said in an interview, reacting to the Warriors' title. We have something up our sleeve.”“What the fuck are you talking about? “They are really trying to rethink their whole strategy”—here he bumps a table repeatedly with his hand for emphasis, getting excited—“because teams know they don’t have a fucking clue.”“That’d never been done! “They don’t come out and hit twenty-four threes and they’re swept. It’s pretty fucking sick to see how everybody is just in a fucking panic about what to do. If I never win another championship, I will forever be called: Draymond Green, NBA fucking champion.” quick—particularly one in which 93% of general managers expect you to repeat.

The team had texted it to each other: “They are not unbeatable. You sit back and think, like, these motherfuckers, they know. And Green would later belie his own assuredness, bringing up the 1990’s Bulls (who won six titles in eight years) and the 1950’s/60’s Celtics (eleven in thirteen) before pointing out that the Warriors “really haven’t done shit.”In order to put together a similarly historic run, they’ll have to avoid what Pat Riley coined the “Disease of Me,” a virus liable to spread on a team of all-stars, when there are less touches, shots, and credit for those who’ve come to expect frequent doses of each.

When Kevin Durant signed with Golden State on July 4th of that summer, the Warriors emerged from America’s birthday as the real-life Monstars—and, for NBA fans leading the super-team backlash, Draymond Green became the most obvious target.

He was the hard-nosed, bruising defender on a team full of chainsaw-through-butter smooth baby faces.

You know what happened next: Green was suspended for Game 5 (which Cleveland won), the fateful seesaw tipped back the Cavs’ way, and—meme-ified for eternity—the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

So, like any good down-in-the-dumps Millennial, Green turned to his smartphone.

In his words: “Everything I went through and seeing how people turn on you, [I realized] you got to be there for you when no one else is.

A lot has happened since Draymond Green’s arm connected with Le Bron James’s junk in the 2016 NBA Finals: Golden State squandered a 3-1 series lead, built a god-mode team that took back the championship, and caused megastars to play musical chairs. Here, he talks about bouncing back from rock bottom and how the league is dealing with the Warriors: "They don’t have a fucking clue."Ten days after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers to win his second NBA title, 27-year-old Draymond Green still has some shit to talk.athletic game of Red Rover: Paul George and Melo head to Oklahoma City; Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward join the Boston Celtics; Isaiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade link up with Le Bron in Cleveland.Eight marquee players—who have combined for forty-five total all-star selections—switch homes, the very landscape of the league changing in the shadow of the growing juggernaut in the Bay Area.“It’s so funny sitting back and watching this shit,” he starts, before pausing to pull his phone out of his jeans, looking through the Golden State Warriors’ group chat. If Golden State makes the odds longer, we might up our risk profile and get even more aggressive.“People always wanted to paint me as this villain, this problem child, this guy who can't control himself, this dangerous guy. And like: Motherfucker, you can't tell me I'm this or that. Green’s science teacher had caught him cheating on a final exam.I got good grades and I graduated college, and I'm never in trouble. Getting a fucking tech is getting a tech—it's basketball. When his mom got the call, she proceeded to throw everything out of his room: his stereo, his T. She gave his game system—which she separately had to make him quit playing because he was such a sore loser—to the daycare her mom ran.

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