Girls like fat guys dating

It’s always interesting to me because, although fat or overweight men consider their weight to be the reason they are unable to attract the women they want, they actually have the same problem as a guy who believes he’s not rich enough, or not good looking enough, or not tall enough and so on has.

Before I go any further, I know I’ll probably get comments from people claiming I’m politically incorrect/offensive/judgemental/rude etc for using the title ‘how fat guys can be attractive’, and who will therefore assume those things about me before fully reading this article or fully watching the associated video. I used it because ‘how fat guys can be attractive’ was one of the top auto-complete search terms on Google (try it!

Some people scurry off but many people stay back and ask me questions or listen to other people’s questions and hear the answers.

At a recent event in Melbourne Australia, I was asked a very sincere question by an overweight man which really struck me and made me want to do everything I could to help.

Have you done or thought any of these things before?

When we act insecure, nervous and believe we are not good enough around women, women find us less attractive REGARDLESS of the reason for us acting this way!

Whether women are attracted to a fat guy is much more about how the guy feels about his size and himself than the fat itself.

Learn why it doesn’t actually matter to women if you’re fat in this video…

2 – Realise that you have a ‘story’ of the reasons why you are unattractive and how you are a ‘victim’ and powerless to change it that you tell yourself.The result is a reality or life-experience that fits with their expectation and their belief: Then we will start to look for ways in which that is true when we are interacting with women.So you might look for ways in which women seem disinterested in you or look down on you when you interact with them or when they see you.Women also just tend to not be attracted to men who don’t take care of themselves. And losing weight and working out CAN be great for your self-esteem, but it’s not always as simple as the physical work.You’ve got to feel great about yourself all the way down to your core if you want great results with great women, and often that requires focused internal self-confidence work as well.

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