Gp not updating

Something like a request to set the sales tax options for all inventory items to be ‘base on customers’ is pretty straightforward and I am not going to discuss that here.

What is more complicated is the following scenario: update the Payment Terms for each customer based on a list in Excel.

That’s a real life example that I’ve had to do more than once.

You will have a list in Excel of each Customer ID and new Payment Terms that you want changed. One way to do this is to import the data from Excel into a new SQL table, then use that table in an update query.

My preferred approach is to create what I refer to as a ‘table on the fly’ inside of your SQL update query.

Here is how I do this: In your Excel file, create a new column that will turn the data into SQL code.

This is especially true of transactional data and anything to do with dates.

However there are some cases when you need to update master data that is isolated where the easiest way to do this is directly in the SQL table.

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If you are not sure whether it’s ok to do or should be done this way, please ask for help.

Often this is due to the volume of data and the inability of tools like Integration Manager or e Connect to handle the task.

Some obligatory warnings: Now that we’ve gotten all the disclaimers and warnings out of the way, how do you actually do this?

Part of the article is correct, in that table CT00003 can be quickly cleaned up by clicking on the Delete All button, which will confirm you want to delete all pending standard cost changes (just click yes).

On the other hand table ICIV0323 cannot be rapidly cleaned up.

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