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[Due to some symbolic error this is revised story of my previous posted story "My Indian Shemale Mother"] The Morning was so gray with clouds free that, when I woke up to the sound of my alarm buzzing at AM, I barely realized it was morning. I was at her mercy, giggling so hard I could barely breathe. she asked, her fingers withdrawn but still ready to strike. She left my room and I could hear her walking down the stairs to the kitchen.Groaning, I pulled my blankets closer to me, turned over, and tried to go back to sleep. I stretched, pulled back to the covers, and rolled out of bed to begin my day.

I"m extremely, attracted to a curvy, voluptuous, full figured woman, Even, if that means they don"t have firm stomachs and may have extra weight on them. She rose up and slowly peeled the towel away, revealing her gorgeous body to me again. She pulled her legs over on to the mattress and I covered her with the blanket. I kissed her all over her neck and her face as she did likewise. I snuggled in close to her and soon fell asleep....

During office hour she wore saree, but in some occasion she wore completely as male. Of course, I don't think you could ever deny me if I really needed it badly enough.

Means like men, my Mom wore suits,jeans and shoes but now like they are more Indian nowadays at home, and out shopping or relaxing, but traditional at social functions, where appropriate. You love me too much." She laughed and agreed that it was probably true. I took her by the hand and held it as she rose to her feet.

Nestled comfortably between my Mom's thigh's was an eight-inch thick limb penis hanging over an equally enormous pair of balls, all capped by a bush thick black pubic hair. Now my mom was completely nude, It was the first time I had seen her nude in the flesh and I felt both nervous and very excited. There was my loving mother with a penis, I ran my gaze all over to mom's nude body Mom took her cock in her and stroking it gently, she smiled herself, then she lifted her arms, thrusting her breasts forward, to run her fingers through her pubic hair. She reclined again, adjusting the blankets at her waist. They were even more spectacular up close than they had been at a distance round globes with large, pink nipples in the center, perfectly shaped and symmetrical. You're powerless to stop it, but that doesn't matter anymore. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. My eyes followed the length of her shapely legs, then back up to her breasts.

Else Mom decided it was time to masterbate because she was now alone, but she couldn't imagine that her secret was caught by her son. Mom took her her cock in her hand and gently pulled up-ward and down-ward her fore skin. I love you too, Mom, I said, but I do want to do this. The moment seemed to draw out, longer than an eternity, but finally our lips brushed together.

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