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"Chanting produces best results when we go deeper into chanting.Standing on the shores of the ocean one can’t access the precious gems and jewels on the bed of the ocean; one will be tossed away by the waves.Hopefully initiated already or looking to get initiated and interested in raising Krishna conscious children. It has to do with the Bhu-mandala discussion he was involved in and work on the Bhu-mandala map with Tamal Krishna Goswami, Yasodanandana dasa and Pushkar dasa. Bhakta looking for a Mata Ji devotee for KC relationship.I am 53 year old bhakta born and currently living in Los Angeles who has practiced off and on since 2008.Such charity is recommended to be given to a brāhmaṇa.If the money is given in charity to a non-brāhmaṇa (without brahminical qualification) the money is returned in the next life in the same proportion.

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I am looking for a female match who is a devotee of Lord in spirit. I am mainly looking for a Krishna conscious White/Caucasian lady.

However if we go deeper into the ocean, we can access the pearls.

Similarly by chanting superficially or occasionally, we can’t avail the benefits; we’ll be thrown away by the waves of material energy. We are group of initiated vaishnavas has started this service (SEVA), which is exclusively ment for Vaishnavas/ Devotees.

I intend to maintain good balance between spiritual life and material life while growing Krishna Conscious family. She should be between 23 and 28 years of age, who is formally educated in material life, working and can be anywhere (though preferably in Australia).

I am 38 years old, East Indian looking for Krishna Conscious spouse in North America continent (that is where I am located). I believe in Spiritual bhakti of Krishna in balance with work, life, adventures, fun and helping others where possible. My name is Rana, living more than 26 years in Germany. Retired senior citizen, Vietnam veteran, musician seeking the association of a devotee to accompany me on a year-long pilgrimage of all the Hare Krishna temples & farm communities in the USA, maybe playing some gigs along the way at coffee shops or open mics (singer/acoustic guitarist, into bluegrass, classic rock, folk, gospel, pop), and possibly doing some bhajans in public parks. I'm currently fixing up an older 20' fully contained RV.

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