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Interpreting that isn't an exact science, and subject to human error.

I know there have been John/Jane Does that have been incorrectly sexed.

Everybody is different when it comes to the genital area and like men with different sized penises – women have different sized clitorises.

I suspect that your doctor has not commented when you have attended for smears that there is any particular abnormality in that area.

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The Hermaphrodite Drawings are large scale, often life-size, depictions of polymorphous body parts, evoking the grotesque and human forms seen in drawings by Picasso or de Kooning.

Thank you for raising this question on such a sensitive subject.

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[see Unicode Arrows → ⇒ ⇄ ↻] In giving a name to these symbols on this page for purposes of sex and sexual preference and relations, I try to give all possible uses.

You can find out the name Unicode assigns to a character by hovering mouse over the character.

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