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Essentially, this speed dating situation is boiling down each Housewife to her purest form of neuroses, and it’s bizarrely entertaining.

As the rounds continue, Bethenny and Brian find themselves on a couch together, where Brian admits that the only reason he came to this event was because Bethenny would likely be there. While Bethenny is flattered, she admits Brian isn’t really her type.

While Tinsley’s friend watches her manhandle k footwear as if it were sacks of day-old bagels, he has to turn his head away in horror.

But we all witness Tinsley bringing her dog – IN ITS STROLLER – into her new ah-maaaaaaazing penthouse. She admits she has a lot to learn, but for now, she’s not labeling herself. I mean, she’s actually up and moving during many of the daylight hours now! At least Carole likes the new Luann, even if Luann doesn’t yet.

So basically, Adam is Tinsley is planning on moving to a larger penthouse suite in her hotel so that Scott can stay with her when he’s in town.

Carole encourages Tinsley to keep it “frisky, but cute,” which is basically the same advice cat photographers give their clients.

Bethenny’s final interview is the MVP spot of the episode, as she apes Ramona playing the flirty Bringer Of Drinks To Men In Red Scarves with aplomb. I don’t know whether it was Luann de Lesseps singing in her classic Tony Bennet baritone in front of a penthouse piano, Sonja Morgan touting her cabarlesque (no spellcheck can help us here, folks) skills to actual, legitimate Broadway heavyweights, or Ramona Singer attempting to robotically flirt with/stalk men in scarves.But there was a vibe to this week’s episode, which is a welcome gift after last week’s dry spell on Bravo. We start with Ben Rimalower and Billy Stritch walking Luann through her talking-while-singing-while-snapping version of “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” Luann is taking her upcoming cabaret show #Countess And Friends very seriously – so seriously, in fact, that she’s bringing Sonja in on the act.Over at Carole Radziwill’s apartment, Tinsley Mortimer stops by to admire the two dozen tulips Adam sent her.Carole loves the attention, but claims she doesn’t want to get back with the man she wouldn’t let live with her, call her his girlfriend or have shared custody of pets with.

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