How much is dating without drama

So, for example, in this particular scenario, I think it’s perfectly valid for your son to tell his girlfriend something along the lines of “I don’t always just know what you want, and it feels a little bit like you get angry when I don’t, instead of telling me what you’d like me to do differently.

Next time I screw up, can you please calmly tell me what you want so I have a chance to fix things before it’s a huge blowup? As soon as “but” is added to the apology itself, it becomes a non-apology.

My 17 year old son has been dating a lovely young lady for the past few months.Let’s do something next weekend since I have plans with the guys this weekend.” I know, cringeworthy to say the least!And if that wasn’t bad enough, there was strike number two when he trivialized her birthday by saying “it’s not like it’s your 21st.” After a heated exchange, she exclaimed “You just don’t get it!Based on what you’ve shared here, I imagine you’d be appalled if the roles were reversed and your son slapped his girlfriend.Why, then, is your reaction to him being slapped a sort of “Well, that’s going to happen a lot more often if he doesn’t get it together, haha! I don’t care if he’s a linebacker and she’s barely five feet tall. It’s not about the potential damage caused or some gendered notion of girls hitting boys is no big deal, it’s about everyone understanding that you do not lash out that way against another human being.

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