Intimidating football names

The Easter Mentality had become the Indianola football mentality.

By his senior year, Zac had become an anchor of the team's defense.

“He was there to do some damage.” He had a lot to live up to, and he wasn't born with what he needed, so in high school he secretly began taking prohormones, a steroid-like supplement banned in many sports. “Zac was a thumper,” his father says, standing in the family kitchen.

“Of all the boys, he was the one who wouldn't show pain, who'd be fearless.… He was the kind of guy I like on defense.”Myles Sr. On the mantel behind him is a picture of Zac sitting in the back of a pickup, cradling the ten-point buck.

Zac Easter went inside his parents' house, past the five mounted deer heads on the living room wall, past the Muhammad Ali poster at the top of the stairs (“Impossible Is Nothing”), and into his room: Green Bay Packers gear, bodybuilding supplements, military books bursting from the shelves, a T-shirt he got from his high school football coach with the words BIG HAMMER. No good times will be forgotten and I will always watch over you. ;) Odie was the mutt—impossibly energetic, tongue wagging, ears flopping. He was a sweet, curious kid, and seemingly programmed to destroy.

Zac Easter grabbed some ammunition, packed up the .40-caliber pistol he'd given his dad as a Father's Day gift, and drove a few miles down the road to Lake Ahquabi State Park. Please if anything remember me by the person I am not by my actions. Please, please, don't take the easy way out like me. He went through four of those unbreakable steel Tonka dump trucks—broke the first three and disassembled the fourth, trying to figure out how it worked. One winter, the family couldn't figure out why the lightbulbs on the Christmas tree kept bursting. It turned out Zac was taking swings at the bulbs with a baseball bat. He was Tom Sawyer reborn: unleashed, unbound midwestern middle-class American was filmed, and Zac and his brothers would go on hikes to the creek, bringing along an artillery of Black Cat fireworks to blow up minnows and bullfrogs.

They'd come to practice every day and hang off to the side with the kickers.On this chilly Friday night, the seventh game of the 2009 season, Zac was taking the field for the first time in a month.A concussion had knocked him out in the season's fourth game, but Zac was determined to be back for the game against league rival Ankeny High School.In football terms, Zac had outkicked his coverage: Ali was an ex-cheerleader but no vacant princess.She had a diamond stud in her left nostril and a knifing wit. They were just friends in high school; she used to cut fourth-period music class to hang with Zac.

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