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So you can imagine that I was aghast to learn that the Michigan agriculture people have been harassing the Family Farms Coop members.

Do they expect us to go back to the toxic stuff that they endorse, to drink milk from sick and overmilked, hormone-stuffed cows?

Symptoms of his condition are constant thirst and excessive urination.

A year and a half ago, before we were able to identify his condition, he lost almost 20% of his body weight due to the fact that his constant thirst blocked out his sense of hunger, wrecking havoc on his appetite.

Fortunately, his condition is easily regulated by medication, and his love of your milk has helped him gain back his lost weight (and more) and has visibly improved his overall physical condition.–TS: Check, VA For Foodies, Too!

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We truly appreciate Bill for his willingness in this day and age to provide such a great source of real milk.

By far, the majority of the dairy my family consumes comes from our Copper Hill milk.

Thank you for this wonderful resource.–KS: Check, VA When I had an acute episode of IBS, after wasting a considerable amount of time with clueless medical doctors, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I believe some of the principles in Nourishing Traditions are, indeed, life saving.

We have been maintaining good health on the Nourishing Traditions way of eating.

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