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In the technical introduction, we saw the JSON format of this statement as As we conducted the research involved with Project Tin Can, one sentiment that we heard repeatedly in our interviews with industry leaders was this: Learning is becoming, and should become, increasingly person-centric.

We discovered that people, not companies, were more interested in the long-term ownership of their experiences and results.

On Monday, May 21, 2018, the President signed into law: S.

57, which nullifies the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection bulletin regulating indirect auto lenders for compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

If you don’t find the pieces that you’re looking for in The Registry, let us know. At the simplest level, x API statement structure can be expressed in the form of “actor verb object”.

An example of this sort of statement is “Sally experienced ‘Solo Hang Gliding'”.

By definition an ID corresponds one to one with the logical activity it identifies.

A basic verb example: Back to top ▲ Wrapping up the core statement structure, let’s consider the “object” field.

Typically the object will be a x API activity, though it might be another actor, and in the case of voiding, another statement.

Let’s consider another way to represent Sally: In this case, we are identifying Sally by her twitter account with the handle “sallyglider434”.

This flexibility in identifying people is an important feature of x API, and you can read more about this in our Actor/Agent Deep Dive post.

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