Is ethan zohn still dating jenna

Soccer World is his unique three-part educational series that celebrates the world’s most popular sport.

“Shoot, I really want a donut,” she says, “They must be out of them by now.” We end up settling for a chai tea latte with skim milk (hers) and a small coffee with sugar (mine), and the charge for both stops Jenna in her tracks in utter disbelief. “There’s no way,” she tells me, peering over at the counter and double-checking the prices.Zohn, 41, is engaged to New York City interior designer Lisa Heywood, 47, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively. Always fascinated by tattoo art, but too chicken to actually get one, they opened Chiro Ink.This is a chiropractic & tattoo inspired clothing line that’s wicked cool!“She saw the window of opportunity open, and she threw a block in there to make sure it doesn’t close.” Mike tells me that to describe his daughter, he could do it “with one word,” he says.“Amazing.” I first met Jenna when she and Ethan arrived at WHIRL’s photo studio for a very early Valentine’s Day photo shoot this past September.

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