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Tracks include the original music file for the theme to the BBC’s The Soft- ware Show plus a song com- posed for Children in Need. excellent product " - Micro User April 86 Enter cheques and receipts. The listing in the yellow pages assembles to produce a file called ed, which should be saved on disc.

Panda Discs’ music pro- grammers have agreed that all royalties will be added to the proceeds from the disc which will be available after the main event in November. Whenever you want to use the editor, instead of typing edit, type *ed and the editor will be entered, with your program in it.

We have been unable to contact the company and are advising readers who have ordered goods to cancel their cheques. 1 2 actual and 1 2 budgets per category, over 4,000 postings on an 80tk disc. So if you type a line as follows: CE Lines=|L at this point when you print the document, it will be displayed Lined = 23 at this point You have to include the embedded command and of course it will be actioned, but as commands exist for left (lj), right (rj), and centred (ce) text, there should be no problem.

Redwood Publishing has suspended all advertising for Mach Technology in BBC Acorn User and BBC Education- al Computing. Up to 36 simultaneous 'bank accounts’ online, inter-account transfers. If you want to count the number of lines between two parts in a document, simply insert an |L variable at the start and finish points and screen the file. If they are on the same page, it is simple - just subtract one from the other.

Panda music Panda Discs has released a disc of music for the Children in Need charity. Even worse, only a part of the program is retokenised, so you may even miss the fact that the bottom part of your program has evaporated.

At £5 including postage and packing the disc contains over a dozen pieces of music for the Hybrid Music 5000 system. Alan’s solution to the memory limita- tion is a small machine code program which enters the editor in a different way.

Test your knowledge in foreign languages with the accompanying programs and sample French-English files.

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This program will help you design and save labels quickly and easily, and print them at any size on an Epson compatible printer. This is just a sample of the many useful programs that subscribers have received free in BEEBUG magazine. Includes all of the facilities of the Standard Bank Manager plus ADFS file system support, shadow screens, uses sideways RAM, 40 or 80 column screen reports, improved graphics, m/c windows, function key support and onscreen labels, additional functions added to the already extensive report facilities. But if you'd like more information, don't hesitate to call the operator and ask for Freephone Panasonic. Unfortunately, an exhaustive list of their capabilities simply isn't possible in the space available. And for those who need 24-pin capability, die KX-P 1124 offers all this and more. r Published by Redwood Publishing, 10 i G Brunswick Place, London Ni 6DJ. Features such as superb print quality, four resident fonts, a uniquely versatile paper handling facility, and an operating noise level which belies its truly amazing speed, to name just a few.

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