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This is a short 20 step guide to the history of American art, including painting, sculpture, architecture and contemporary art forms, from Colonial times on.

For early culture in the Americas, see: Pre-Columbian Art (1200 BCE-1535 CE).

Important American colonial painters include: Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) Noted for his portraits of George Washington, Stuart is seen as the greatest 18th century American portrait painter, and the creator of a distinctively American style of art.

American architecture of the colonial era was typically either Georgian, or Neoclassical.

Winslow Homer (1836-1910) One of America's most famous artists, Homer had a talent for depicting nature in a way that reflected the American pioneering spirit.Portraiture continued to be financially rewarding, but landscapes of the American wilderness were also popular.The two most famous styles of scenic view painting, both highly romantic, were the Thomas Cole-inspired Hudson River school (c.1825-65) and its later offshoot Luminism (c.1850-75).Jenny Sanford is clearly quite politically savvy, and it shouldn't be much of a surprise that her ex-husband is still asking her for help.What's more surprising is that we still feel bad for her.

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