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Lamman Rucker has dated Jill Scott in 2008 but after that there is no mention of being in the dating pool as of now in 2016.

Rucker says that he is monogamous so there is no question of him cheating or having an affair.

If your heart has genuinely changed, other people can only see your changed heart by your changed behavior.

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Someone who has recently been unfaithful, though, should expect and accept more questions and checking of your truthfulness. If you take offense at those extra questions, you have not really taken responsibility for what you have done. A talented American actor Lamman Rucker is currently single.He has been in several affairs and was in a long-term relationship with a former actress, Jill Scott as a girlfriend in 2008. This means honestly recognizing that what they did was wrong, and choosing not to do it again.An acceptance of greater scrutiny of the one who broke trust.

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