Karen miday cincinnati trans dating

almost immediately i started blacking out and gasping for breath, and i couldn't let go of the ring.the girl and the two empaths just watched me without any definitive emotion.We'd have to go over being safe and not going around their neighborhood to read to strangers.

usually i'm at a table in the middle, but this time the setting was at one of the corner tables.

she said that it warded off demonic attack with excellent results.

i felt pity for this girl and asked to see the ring.

then elisa punched me to wake me up because i'd been breathing funny. i looked up diamonds and their relationship with occult practices, and info was sketchy, but i did find out two interesting things: 1.) white diamonds are the most powerful occult crystal on earth 2.) they provide protection from the undead, as well as increased psychic strength.

It's amazing how great I feel, and how much energy I have after! Well one of my summer ideas was to do a poem of the week.

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