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We could come in with ideas, and share our thoughts.

That never really bothered me as much as just knowing who this person is as a whole and what her history is. I’m certainly not a method actor, and I don’t know if I have the stamina to keep that up [laughs], but yes, I enjoy doing the research when the opportunity presents itself.So I guess the question is, did you go into it with that expectation?I know that you knew the show would be a big deal, but did you ever work with the writers or play any part in developing that process, with the idea in mind of representing the way lesbians are portrayed?KM: I would say I personally feel I’m a part of all of them. I think I relate to all of them in the moment I’m playing them, and then once it’s over, I disengage.And that’s part of the reason why I’ve taken certain jobs and said no to others, because I have taken on roles that I could relate to, even if it’s in a very small way.

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