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LOST will never end in my heart, there will be always a part of me thinking of Hurley when i'll play the numbers, I'll think of Sawyer when i'll be sitting my bed reading a book, i'll think of Locke when i'll see orange remembering his cute/creepy smile in the Pilot, I'll remember Kate and her freckles, I'll remember Sayid 'cause when i'll need someone to repair something i'll be Sayid could do it and I'll remember Jack when i'll go to doctor and wonder if he'll say I WILL FIX YOU !!

Some minor issues can be resolved on their own within a day, however, any loss of energy or change in ability to move that is accompanied by more serious symptoms such as diarrhea or difficulty breathing will need to be addressed by a veterinarian immediately.

He becomes defensive, even angry, when you bring up the subject of marriage.

The important question—if you find yourself falling for a slow-going man—is not when he might finally be ready for a serious and committed relationship, but if he’ll ever be.

"I went further and deleted the contributions of these editors where I could in the hopes of preventing follow-up attacks, copycat actions, and random editors stumbling into viral traps whilst walking through a page history", said Scientizzle, the administrator who found the code and attempted to clean up the additions.

However, a major problem arose when he tried to delete the edits from the sandbox.

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