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During the pilgrimage July 31, 2005 a plaque commemorating its centennial presented by Michael Neary, the Archbishop of Tuam.

It was decided in 2005 to open the church every day during the summer, rather than just on holidays.

Klättringen led by the Archbishop of Tuam each year.

But the amount of visitors -estimated at 40,000 per year -and resulting erosion has caused concern for the safety of both the Catholic Church and local farmers who undertake safety measures.

It is the third highest mountain in County Mayo after Mweelrea and Nephin.

A small chapel was built on the top and dedicated July 20, 1905.In 1338, Sir Edmond de Burgh was drowned in the lake with his cousin Sir Edmond Albannach Bourke County Mayo, in the late Burke civil war from 1333 to 1338.He was captured and taken to påBallinrobe Oilean-a-lara (Earls Island) where he was killed.Petersburg Outdoor Education Center is located on the shores of Lough near Lead Island.The center uses the lake for many water sports including kayaking, canoeing and sailing.

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