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These telescopes were specially constructed for Naval use and are very robust, the cosmetic condition being good all round, with clean undamaged lenses.The leather cladding and protective leather end cap are also in very good condition, with all the stitching intact & the brass draw tube is free of any dents.The optics are generally in good condition with some minor edge chipping on one of the internal lenses (see inset photo), but this has no effect on the viewed image which is sharp and clear, giving a magnification of approximately 15x. GA.' on the first draw, it also has the military arrow showing it to have been issued into service.Measuring 15.25" closed and 24.75" fully extended, this is a classic naval style telescope in good working order, and with some interesting provenance. It was probably made towards the end of the war, as the tapered main barrel is covered in the vulcanised rubber finish, instead of leather which by that time had become quite scarce.The leather covered main barrel is in excellent condition, with all stitching intact and comes with a later leather wrap case.Although it's unsigned, the maker is almost certainly Broadhurst Clarkson who probably made it on a wholesale basis for the retailer to rebrand.A classic single draw Royal Navy Officer of the Watch telescope engraved 'W.

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This is an impressive high quality 3 draw field telescope by Negretti & Zambra with a stitched black leather cladding on the tapered barrel, in very good cosmetic condition. which presumably are the intials of a previous owner.

An antique 3 draw field telescope, complete with its original stitched leather covering and linked end caps with a later leather strap. APPEL.' between the cleats, I believe that this telescope belonged to one Quartermaster Sergeant W.

Appel, member of the South African Colonial Corp National (Waldon's) Scouts and Orange River Colony Volunteers.

Engraved on the first draw 'NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA, LONDON' along with the distinctive N&Z intertwined logo, it also has the letters C. Optically sound with undamaged lenses throughout, the large 55mm visible diameter objective glass delivers a bright and sharp image of approximately 25x, focusing from around 10 metres to infinity.

The telescope objective lens is further protected with a brass end cap fitted inside the lid of the leather outer case, and there is an integral dust slide in the eyepiece cup, all tubes and main barrel are dent free with a firm draw action. Weighing just over 1 kg, and 1.5 kgs with its case, this is a substantial telescope in great cosmetic condition, by one of the most prestigious instrument makers of the 19th & 20th centuries.

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