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It’s so easy to use, that there’s no pin codes or app downloads.

Just click a link in your browser, and you’re in the meeting.

Plus, Fresh Books can handle a lot more than accounting related tasks.

Using Fresh Books is kind of like having your own admin assistant who’s got your back, 24/7.

Does Elad believe the lack of liquidity is good for venture this cycle? Why does Elad believe that margins and capital leverage are the unsung heroes of tech?

High Growth Handbook is now available for sale on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo.

Elad is also an incredible angel, counting the likes of Airbnb, Stripe, Optimizely, Opendoor and Wish all in his portfolio.

Now Elad is adding a new string to his very talented bow with the release of his book, High Growth Handbook, published by Stripe in which Elad interviews 14 leaders from the valley from Marc Andreesen to Reid Hoffman to Patrick Collison.

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Highfive makes meetings better for thousands of organizations with insanely simple video conferencing designed for meeting rooms.

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