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That fact was probably something he should be more worried about, he thought to himself as he walked a pace and a half to his right…Whenever he had nothing better to do, Tristan Bailey would look at a picture of his family that sat on his desk.

The spiraling and floating mountains…The office was neat. Herrero walked slowly along the empty white corridor, like a condemned to the scaffold. He knew that if he blinked, he would die But he wasn't afraid. Eli had hoped that the exposure to the previous object would not have affected them that badly, but it had provoked…Howard knew he should be afraid.Matthew Eggers, special assistant for sapient animal research at Site 19, sat at a bare table in Interview Room C, a notepad in his hand.In front of him, crawling back and forth across the table,…“Next number, please,” the voice behind the speakers droned.It felt like at least ten below zero, thanks to the wind chill, which by all logic should have been stopped by the…Dear ████, Have you ever been out camping?As a child, while spending a night with other boy scouts at a camping site, I’d already started to realise what place we, the humans, reserved in this world….

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