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There may be no conclusive research findings on the incidence of sexual harassment in this country, but we are very sure that the problem does exist at least in certain workplaces especially those with large female workforce, and we are convinced that the situation already warrants due attention and remedial action so that it does not get worse.

There is ample evidence everywhere that a high percentage of sexual harassment cases occurring in the workplace goes unreported.

Malaysia needs to have such national programme to ensure that our workplaces are free from offensive and intimidating environment caused by the spread sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment problem arises out of general workplace relationships involving personal behavior of people within the enterprise.

The greatest danger of sexual harassment is that when it goes unchecked it can spread throughout an organization like an infectious disease.

It has also been found that unchecked sexual harassment in the workplace creates intimidating, hostile and offensive work environment which can adversely affect the industrial relations climate in the organization.

Trade unions should co-operate with employees in carrying out promotional and educational programmes for the employees and in the implementation of in-house mechanism to prevent and eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace.

It also undermines the policy of the government to increase participation rate of the women in the labour force.Since this popular approach has proven to be the most effective in other countries, a decision has been that this approach will form the basis of our national policy and practice in dealing with sexual harassment at work.In this regard, I am pleased to announce that The Ministry of Human Resources will prepare and issue a Code of Practice On The Prevention And Eradication of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace which will contain guidelines on the establishment and implementation of in-house preventive and redress mechanism for dealing with sexual harassment at the enterprise level.There are many others adverse consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace, but what I have mention earlier would suffice to show the potential harm it could bring about.More and more developed and developing countries have embarked on specific national programmes aimed at preventing and eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace.

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