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If you think you’d like to try Mexican women, go to the homeland and prepare to have your assumptions smashed.*My good friend, El Conquistador, wrote this article about Mexican girls.I lived in Mexico for a little over a year and dated a lot of Mexicanas.Below are some things I learned about the women of Mexico.Or it could be a reaction to the “hook-up culture” promoted by the media in the states. Because of the job I had while I was in Mexico, I hung around with a group of wealthy Mexican twenty-somethings.

They’ve already traveled to Europe and the US many times. It’s not that these fresas (upper-class Mexican girls) are impossible, you just can’t coast on your exoticness.

Every girl in Mexico has a brother, cousin, aunt, friend, etc. Every holiday weekend they drive up to El Paso to do some shopping.

Every summer they meet Americans holidaying in Cancun or Vallarta.

Mostly wear makeup, heels, and colorful and trendy clothes.

Mexican women are taught to be soft-spoken and polite but they can reveal emotions in dramatic gestures.

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