Michael phelps dating carrie

He’s a great man…You can call me on a later day and we can talk about that.” (via)Roffle.I guess Michael Phelps not only ditched the bong, he got rid of that azn hoo-er-esque girlfriend and traded her Chinese ass in for Miss California, who is also a dumbdumb like Michael Phelps. Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean is set to make headlines with something other than her anti-gay marriage comments.Her grandmother Jeanette Coppolla confirmed to Radar exclusively that the beauty queen has been casually dating Olympian Michael Phelps.“Carrie and Michael have been out to baseball games and lunch,” Coppolla said.They haven’t met yet but they’re planning a date to take place in Nashville soon.Phelps is said to have heard that Underwood called him “cute” and that paved the way for the two to get in touch."I'm not dating anybody," he told Regarding Prejean's anti-gay marriage response during last weekend's beauty pageant, Phelps remained neutral.

At the opening of a clothing store in New York City this week, the Olympic champion was asked about rumors that he and the Miss USA runner-up are an item.

I don’t see him lasting with Carrie or it going beyond a first date or two.

She comes off as petty to me, and she’s clearly not over her failed relationship with Tony Romo given some of the things she’s said about him. That said, Jay Bird is single and open to giving the guy a chance despite his physical oddities.

[Michael Phelps] is totally smitten with Carrie after her heard that she thought he was “cute,” say sources at the 2008 Olympics.

They began texting and calling one another while Michael was still in Beijing and have already made plans to get together in Nashville, near where Carrie lives.

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