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For his role as Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria, he “learned to draw and learned to play the piano.I played Schubert, I learned fencing, riding, archery. I get to learn all these things for three months and then I went to make a film where I play a bare-fist boxer and now I can box!I had a tough time until I was a bit older and bigger.’ What was he picked on for? He dislikes ‘films starring animated dogs’ but loves Terrence Malick: ‘I’m always intrigued by people who work infrequently, because I think it tends to be that they wait for the desire, rather than spewing them out.’ That must be harder to do as an actor, I suggest – doesn’t he feel he needs to keep himself out there? In The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers, the pair wear matching lederhosen and lacquered hair, and Knightley appears as a fairy.‘The wrong haircut, the wrong shirt, the wrong glasses, all of which were true.’ He deflects the question. They developed it from an exercise they did about clowns – the Continental, existential sort rather than the ones with red noses and revolving bow ties. His thing was futile rage at his ineptitude and mine…If there is still such a thing as Method acting, Friend embraces the concept.“I become so obsessed by the characters I play, I want to learn everything about them, ” he says.Friend was playing three parts: a 60-year-old Wyoming mechanic, a Baptist minister and the father of a murdered gay man.The casting director plucked Friend off the stage for his first film role, appearing opposite Johnny Depp in The Libertine.

He grew up comfortably in Stonesfield, a small village in Oxfordshire, his mother a solicitor, his father an art historian. ‘I grew up in the countryside in the middle of nowhere in England,’ he pauses, ‘and got out as soon as I could! ’ In the past he’s talked about fantasising about hitting the photographers who doorstep him, but his general bent is towards pacifism.I thought acting might give me the chance to explore so many interesting things.” Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend make a heady combination and could easily attract the kind of attention levelled at Brad and Angelina. While telling no one (except his father, who funded his auditions), Friend set about applying to drama school and was accepted at the prestigious Webber Douglas in London.He has worked his way steadily up the career ladder in historical performances, as a young Nazi in 2008’s .And yet, he doesn’t quite seem comfortable in his skin; as he sits in a pair of baggy jeans and a long-sleeved tee, sipping an Americano in London’s hip East End club Shoreditch House (part of the Soho House family) he looks as skittish as a trapped cat—he clearly doesn’t relish the interview process.He is famously publicity shy, and he and his girlfriend, the beautiful actress Keira Knightley (the couple met while shooting ) are famous for wanting to stay out of the spotlight.“I had no idea that acting was going to be what I chose to do with my life,” he announces. Friend was brought up in an idyllic Oxfordshire village—his parents are art historians and gave lecture tours—while young Rupert was educated at the local state school.

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