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The article also reminds us of Trump lying about electoral fraud.. Following the election, Donald Trump made the profoundly baseless claim that he only lost in New Hampshire because its liberal neighbor, Massachusetts, “bused in” thousands of voters to vote illegally.

From the article linked below: New Hampshire, as you may recall, went for Hillary Clinton by less than three thousand votes in 2016, and then-Gov. There is no evidence for this ever happening, of course, because there doesn’t need to be.

By some estimates, a third of the city’s precincts were deemed not “recountable” because the number of voters recorded on Election Day did not match the number of ballots stored in containers in case of a recount. Could Fuchsia replace the world's most popular operating system in 5 years? Especially since Android will be 15 years old and technology moves along quite fast.

Dancer best known for his second place finish on the sixth season of America's Best Dance Crew as a member of the ICONic Boyz.

He has also been a member of the boy band Citizen Four.

The crown Jewel of the park and a site I return to again and again. Mexico is the left wall#wildernessphotographer #texas #bigbend #nationalpark #riogrande #landscape #landscapephotography Tent view. Note the nicely placed shovel and camp stove (melting some snow for a coffee), if you did not know better you would think this is a Advertorial ;) On that point, the shovel (voile), best thing ever, at 700grams this thing is awesome, they (the manufacturer) do have a blurb about it that the material (6061-t6) has a tensile strength of 42ksi which rivals the strength and rigidity of steel, well i suppose thats kinda correct depending on the steel your comparing it too :) - like many things which advertise 'aerospace' materials or some crap I always have a chuckle at these kind of statements, i'll forgive Voile in this case since they do make a cracking shovel and it is very tough and rigid :) Since I am plugging some product, the stove (msr windburner) is also awesome, they don't claim any 'aerospace' materials, however i have seen worse welding and material on the exhaust of several large aircraft :) the canister thing on these stoves is quite impressive, super light and simple as but seems pretty tough, the little burner section is a work of engineering art, can't fault it, i'll give it to MSR, they know how to make great products, albeit expensive..

Boils a bunch of snow in a matter of minutes and yup..

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