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I had left my Xbox unplugged overnight, tried my save it where I levelled my Sim to 10. At this points I'm trying to narrow down things I haven't tried. Unless if they are specific buttons to press in a pattern, I'm 100% sure I didn't activate them.

I did see my Xbox said my closest achievement progress is toward the no social for 24 hours, but it has it at 0%. I love the Sims, but I also love achievements, so I'm having a love/hate.

We'll just have to wait and see whether any of this comes to fruition.

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EDIT: I'd be willing to bet this is widespread now, though for me it's just not a big deal. We are aware of the problem and appreciate your patience while we implement a lot of good that chat support was. I've reached level ten in piano, violin, and cooking. Hi everyone, We just released an update for the game which should help with achievements that didn't unlock on Xbox.o To complete the unlock process simply load the Save Game you earned your Achievement(s) in and everything you earned will unlock.o You may need to load multiple Save Games if you earned Achievements across different saves. I've performed a hard reset to clear the cache, I've saved and reloaded, nothing.Disappointing but my reaction is just curiosity as to its cause, not anger. 'Craig' appeared said the following then disconnected: Craig: I can see here you are having trouble with your Achievements, nothing to worry about, we have been working on it and we have resolved the issue your points will be back in no time, when closing your chat press the Black X in the corner, thank you for your patience. Im on the xbox support chat at the moment and it appears microsoft know about the problem. I was playing gears online, got the "welcome to versus" achievement and realized my achievements were a strange glitch, but as long as its just my achievement score, I really don't care at all.

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