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I always make myself immediately unpopular by asking them “what is identity?

” and, of course, everybody acts as if it is completely obvious from our mutual shared context, and I should already know.

And if you are what they want, you can trust that when they tell you so.

If your family is not an ideal solution, then there are also plenty of external female role models that your daughters can look up to, from teachers to Girl Scout leaders to sports coaches.

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There is something in the whole which is beyond description. It seems that whatever toolkit we approach identity with — art, philosophy, psychology, esoteric yoga, whatever it happens to be for any given person — there is no simple, clear, pat answer which holds true for a lifetime.

Our job, as software engineers working on identity, is first to be philosophers — phenomenologists and epistemologists — to understand the abstraction that we hope to represent.

What is a person, and how do I identify one to a computer?

Given all this, Fandango’s immediate impact in the ring and on pop culture at large should have been no surprise with Summer Rae in his corner.

A devil in a blue dress on the arm of the dancing king, Summer proved herself to be far more devious than the average Diva.

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