Nasty chat app

And I hope you think of me every time you look at it, unless it’s nasty weather in which case pls think of a competitor weather service instead.

Thx for giving me a reason to roll outta bed every morning and message you about the weather.

A Java Script file could be sent as a message attachment to a victim, with the filename crafted to exploit the Unicode bug and cover up the fact it's a document.

Nass' tenure as Boss ended sometime before the Clone Wars, and he attended Amidala's funeral after her death at the end of the war.

Master Jinn had come to warn the Gungans about the threat posed by the Trade Federation to the entire planet.

Believing this to be a matter between the Naboo and Federation, Nass refused to get involved.

Telegram has fixed a security flaw in its desktop app that hackers spent several months exploiting to install remote-control malware and cryptocurrency miners on vulnerable Windows PCs.

The programming cockup was spotted by researchers at Kaspersky in October.

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