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I believe that New Yorkers are just a bit more impatient than people who live in other cities.

I've gotten used to carrying bags on top of bags all throughout the city just to get through my day. Eat, stay, drink and talk for hours with some of your besties, sitting outside and soaking in the sun.Rent is expensive, you'll have way less space than you are used to, the city is always busy.You'll have to do what you can to survive: work multiple jobs, or a job that isn't one that you've dreamed about. And the more time you spend here, the tougher and more resilient you'll become. I used to wear a lot more color before moving here. And New York City has influenced my style in so many ways.Your slow, sight-soaking stroll will most likely become a brisk walk.Everyone's got somewhere to be, and everyone's moving like they're late for something really, really important.

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