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This same Spirit, poured out on the church following the redemptive work of the second Joshua (Jesus), empowered the people of the Lord to begin the task of preaching the gospel to all nations and of advancing the kingdom of God (see notes on Ac 1:2,8). Some maintain, however, that the number 480 in 1Ki 6:1 is somewhat artificial, arrived at by multiplying 12 (perhaps in reference to the 12 judges) by 40 (a conventional number of years for a generation).

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But in Canaan Israel quickly forgot the acts of God that had given them birth and had established them in the land.

On the one hand, it is an account of frequent apostasy, provoking divine chastening.

On the other hand, it tells of urgent appeals to God in times of crisis, moving the Lord to raise up leaders (judges) through whom he throws off foreign oppressors and restores the land to peace.

The observation that the Jebusites still controlled Jerusalem () has been taken to indicate a time before David's capture of the city c. 17-21 suggest a time after the Davidic dynasty had been effectively established (tenth century b.c.).

The book of Judges depicts the life of Israel in the promised land from the death of Joshua to the rise of the monarchy.

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