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For those that are used to the way Slack (a similar chat client) works, Discord will be familiar in its use, which lowers the learning curve quite a bit for those that have switched or tried Slack before. Premium account is just a way to say "thank you" to developers.And it work for all servers of discord (not as in slack). In contrast to Slask, where all active members of the server should be "premium".Mumble supports positional audio for over 50 games, including versions of Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter-Strike. A certificate can be generated by the user himself or issued by a third-party organization with organization certificates having 2 classes.This allows you to hear the audio from the direction of the player speaking, making gameplay more immersive and giving competitive players an edge. A self-generated certificate is not tied to anything, a Class 1 certificate is tied to an e-mail address and a Class 2 certificate requires proof of identity.Send free one-on-one and group texts to your friends anytime, anywhere!LINE is available for a variety of smartphone devices (i Phone, Android, Windows Phone, Black Berry, and Nokia) and even your PC.

20 million dollars would have produced a product light-years better than discord, something fishy is going on.The process of generating and/or acquiring certificates can be time-consuming and a bit more complex than setting up a username/password authentication that's found in other clients.Similarly, setting up a server that includes configuring user permission system requires advanced technical knowledge.Positional audio means that different players/users sound like coming from different positions, sometimes even related to their actual position in the game.This helps especially for voice chats with more than two people.

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