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An interesting caveat here is that the attraction of a six-pack seems to decrease as a man gets older, and straight orientation.Mobile phones that leverage location awareness and social networks definitely hold potential to offer even greater online dating services going forward.In just one week, I’ve gone from having very few responses to having more options than I know what to do with.And even better is that they are all exactly the types of women that I want to date!And so without further ado – here is some advice for SEOs on how to optimise that dating profile...Others will tell you that what you say is most important, but in reality no one is going to see your perfectly crafted biography if they aren't interested in your picture, so getting the most effective picture on your profile is of the utmost importance.

So I’m throwing this post out there in hopes that I can help just a few people to do a better job at having an online dating profile (and generally waste less of their own and other people’s time).

I’m also breaking it up 5 simple steps or tips because as a content marketer, I know that lists of 5 and 10 tend to be more popular and I’d like as many people to read this as possible.

Would you ever buy something online if you couldn’t see a picture of it?

In some cases whether you show your face really doesn’t affect how many messages you get at all, not showing your face can in fact be a positive, as long as you substitute in something unusual, sexy, or mysterious enough to make people want to talk to you.

Women: Flirtatious photos are much better and the cleavage shot is very successful, drawing 12.9 new contacts per month, interestingly the older you are the more effective the cleavage shot is!

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