Outdoor dating ideas

You can spend time together spotting various birds and animal life while walking on three miles of trails and floating boardwalks. Camping might not seem like a romantic idea at first, but it can be!Try roasting some S’mores under the stars and then sing them love songs on an acoustic guitar (or bring a radio). Spice up your date with a little friendly competition. #11-20 | Music & Entertainment #21-30 | Dining #31-40 | Tours #41-50 | Theatre #51-60 | Sports #61-70 | Fairs & Festivals #71-80 | Breweries & Wineries #81-90 | Amusement #91-100 | Arts & Culture Related: 25 Actually Great Twin Cities Dates for Under (Via Thrillist) Follow our blog!Read Full Article There’s nothing quite like kicking back with friends and coworkers at happy hour.Good deals, cold drinks, and excellent food options are what make a happy hour great.I love my kids, I really do, but I also love my time away from them. Time to think, be still, and have no one yelling my name or smearing my pants with dirty fingers. Yes, we’re huge advocates of taking kids with you on adventures, but every now and then leave them behind! Mine is my favorite adventure partner, and something about being outside together (and alone) does wonders for our relationship and our individual sanity.So, if you’re like us and have a hard time thinking of a fun outside date on the spur of the moment, here are 50 ideas to get you started!As a couple, you may float across countrysides and lakes.When attending a country fair, find out about balloon rides, or you can plan your own event. Depending on your city's weather, you can enjoy this activity from late spring to early fall. Drive your car to a park and use your laptop or portable disk video player. Bring a blanket and snacks during your movie, such as popcorn.

Pumpkin picking works well for first-time daters or long-term couples. Plan your date around food, unless you or your date are on a diet.Other times, it’s the unique, and unforgettable, places you’ve discovered along the way.This year, we suggest you grab your kids, your friends and family or your besties, and hit the road in search of the most interesting locales you can find!To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of ten (plus one bonus!) of our favorite fun, quirky places to discover within an easy drive of Minneapolis Northwest!

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