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Unlike automatic translators we provide accurate translations so your true thoughts and feelings are communicated. That very special woman you would like to share your life with is waiting to meet you. We are working 7 days a week to keep all the information up to date and besides that getting to know even more women.

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All this money does not stay in the Caribbean however.

It would typically be invested in the financial markets of Europe and America – but with the ultimate owners of the shares and bonds from all around the world, of course, untraceable.

With us you are dealing with experienced people who respect you and these wonderful ladies.

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We've sailed the Panama Canal since 1967 and we have more itinerary choices and departures of any cruise line in the region.

Besides forwarding your letter you can use our high quality translation-service.

The letter will be translated in a way a Latin woman does understand and likes.

What’s even more telling is that there are 22,930 shareholders from China identified in the papers – probably representing the way the nervous new super-rich in that country have been pulling out their money to hide it abroad.

The biggest centre of activity in the Middle East is Abu Dhabi.

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