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Here's is a multiple award winning actress who is probably best known worldwide.

DBANK Movie Masochist Bondage Irrumatio Akiho Yoshizawa If you're looking at this, that means you are not fed up with Akiho Yoshizawa, one of the top actresses in the AV industry.

Althought her technique is sorta on the lazy side, she shows great enthusiasm in her work with tons of of shyness.Later he invites his friends over and repeat the fucking. DBANK Movie Neighbours Glory Hole Akiho Yoshizawa Horny girl lives alone. One day her neighbour makes a glory hole in his wall, and sticks his dick through the hole into her apartment and that glory hole becomes Akiho's best friend.DBANK Movie World's Thinnest Condom Akiho Yoshizawa A 0.009 condom does not exist. Only the 0.01 condom which is 18 mircons exists, the world's thinnest condom in the world and produced by Okamoto and Sagami.Do note that Akiho has the largest collection of videos at JSex Network.DBANK Movie Chastity Belt Akiho Yoshizawa She just wont go away and she gets a huge film!

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